About Our School:

Our School:

Spreagadh na Rince Sydney provides a relaxed family atmosphere that encourages self-expression and enjoyment in Irish dance where students are taught at a level appropriate to their individual potential and ability.

We have classes for all ages, with our Jump’n Jig preschool program available for children as young as 2 years old.

All students are different and we do not expect every student to be interested in Competitive Irish Dancing, but we believe that sound training in the competitive nature of Irish Dancing gives our students valuable skills and experiences they can apply to every aspect of their lives including Teamwork, good sportsmanship, Confidence, Discipline and Leadership.

The overall health and happiness of our students is always our paramount concern. Our continual goal is to give a rich experience of Irish Dancing to all students and to provide the professional training required by those who wish to reach their Irish dancing Dreams

Meet the Team:

We have a very passionate and dedicated team of qualified teachers, who are committed to passing their passion for Irish Dancing onto the next generation

3 teachers

Miss Tegan Horwood TCRG

Treasurer of the Australian Irish Dancing NSW Branch

Miss Kelly Rumble TMRF

Miss Sarah Hockley TCRG

Secretary of the Australian Irish Dancing NSW Branch